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LearnToProgram.TV - Mark Lassoff

LearnToProgram.TV – Mark Lassoff


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About the Episode

Are you looking to develop a mobile app all on your own? Well today’s guest has over 100,000 students across his courses and he talks about the one skill you should learn to start developing mobile apps. Also, listen to the part of the show where he reveals how you can be a better teacher / communicator.

Mark Lassoff is the Founder and President of LearnToProgram Media.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is another example of an entrepreneur fortunately forced into success by unexpected circumstances. Today, we have Mark Lassoff, Founder and President of LearnToProgram Media to ‘reveal his cheese’ in programming, being a good trainer and more.
Below are the highlights of my conversation with Mark:
  • From being an enterprise-level corporate trainer to using his colon cancer to start his company and enjoy his current success,
  • Positioning your content and whether you should go with native or hybrid app development,
  • What language you should start with when building simple apps and the tools perfect for complete beginners,
  • What made him get into the app business and how he teaches people to become better,
  • Strategies on how to become a better communicator whether in the classroom or online,
  • The one thing to do today if you want to develop mobile apps, and
  • The low points in his business and what his team did differently from that experience.
Mark also shares the new courses they will be releasing soon that you should watch out for and the favorite resources that he likes to use for app business.

Show Mentions

– Site: PhoneGap
– Site: StackOverflow
HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap
Fav app:
Angry Birds: (iTunes | Google Play)
Evernote: (iTunes | Google Play)


  • Vishal says:

    Hi Steve, gain a great episodes with good insights about learning programming. I have been listing your podcast since last couple of months. It would be also great to list some forecast of the mobile App business

  • Josue Molina says:

    I’m encouraged. Thanks for sharing us this story. Lot’s of tools I need to look in to.

    Currently studying native obj-c. It’s been quite ride. But learning tons coming from zero.

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