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Bakburner - Scott M. Stanchak

Bakburner – Scott M. Stanchak


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About the Episode

Do you have an idea for an app but have no idea where to start? Well today’s guest breaks down the entire process of outsourcing your app development.

Also, listen to the tip about what to include in your project description that can save you time in finding the right developer.

Scott M. Stanchak is the founder of Bakburner.

About LetterSlider

Introducing LetterSlider — an addictively challenging word search slider puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

LetterSlider is one of the most original and thought-provoking word building contests to hit the App Store in years. The objective is to form words by sliding lettered tiles into place, trying to score the most points, spell the most words, accomplish achievements and a whole lot more before the clock runs out. LetterSlider is fun for all ages.

* Score the most points
* Spell the most words
* Score the most points on a single word
* Spell the longest word
* Spell the most bonus words
* Spell the most words in a row
* Accomplish all 68 achievements

* Zero ads!
* No delay between games!
* Play 2-minute or 5-minute games!
* Move up the 8 Game Center leaderboards!
* View all the words you’ve spelled correctly!
* See your game and all-time slide numbers!
* Share your scores on Twitter or Facebook!
* Get your hands on some LetterSlider badges!
* Free regular updates!

* 24 English lettered and point valued tiles
* 2 of them are 2x and 3x word bonus tiles
* Strategically slide tiles using single blank space to form words
* Select tiles by tapping or dragging your finger over them
* Shake your device to clear selected tiles

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Site: Sensor Tower

– Site: Straply

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