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LevelAppStudios - Juan Maria Claveria

LevelAppStudios – Juan Maria Claveria


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About the Episode

If you are into making games then this is the episode for you. Today’s guest created the hit game, Ramboat, and we talk about game design, prototyping and finding the right publisher so you don’t have to do it all as an indie. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about a time when the co-founders didn’t talk for a couple of days and how to deal with these disputes.

Juan Maria Claveria is the Co Founder of Level App Studios.

Show Notes

Finding the Right Publisher

Juan’s team had experienced three failed launches when they decided to take the publishing route for Ramboat. When they got in touch with the folks in Genera to show them Ramboat, they felt right then and there that working with them will be the correct path. They couldn’t promote the games and had challenges making their product visible and the decision had proven to be one which was worthwhile.

How to Deal with Disputes 

One of the lowest points in their company was during the time that they were launching one of their games. They almost closed the company as one of the partners wanted to it one way and the other two partners wanted to do it the other way. It was hard to get to an agreement between the three of them but they didn’t have too much time in their hands. They decided that they can keep discussing and lose time or they can step back, give a chance to the second idea and see how it works.They took the latter course to resolve the issue and they are still together up to this point.

Show Mentions

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