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Coming up is a coaching call where the developer 4X his revenue by listening to my advice and moving his target keywords to the left of the app title. You will discover how to balance branding vs search traffic, using the Spanish Mexico localization to maximize your keywords and feedback on his screenshots.

Lewis Smith is an indie app developer.

Show Notes

Balance Branding and Search Traffic

There are apps which use their brand names but still rank well in their chosen keywords and Lewis inquired what that point is. I shared that if this is something you are passionate about, you can get the best of both worlds if there is not a big difference between your branding and your keywords. For his app, the words ‘progress’, ‘body tracker’, and ‘body measurement’ have decent traffic so I suggested he can go for Progress / Body Measurement or Progress – Body Tracker. You can then optimize by working on your subtitles and descriptions.I also suggested that he flip these keywords in his Spanish Mexico localization.

Screenshots Feedback

I critiqued Lewis’ screenshots and suggested to change the landscape format plus consider them as an opportunity to put branding on. Incorporate your logo in it, make it clean and focus only on the heart of your message instead of bombarding it with too much text. You can think of the phrases which your audience love and place them in your screenshots. This can greatly help with conversion.


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