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Coming up is an update on a previous coaching call with Sarah Boland.

You will discover how she was able to land an Apple Feature as a first time app creator and different growth channels she’s tried. Also, you will hear my advice on how to increase retention for an app that users may not use frequently, why she should increase the price of the in-app purchase, how to market on Reddit and a whole lot more.

Show Notes

Increasing Retention of Infrequently-Used Apps

To solve the problem of Sarah’s app not being used frequently, I suggested posing the app as a ‘challenge’. Example, you can market it as a ‘selfie everyday challenge’ or something of this sort. This can get people intrigued and drive them to use it more often.

Increasing the Price of In-app Purchases

In our apps, we will find people who might be interested on the onset but will fall out as they are not really among our demographic but we will also capture those who feel that our apps are perfect for them. I have advised Sarah to increase her prices because the lovers of our app will be happy to pay an amount for them to unlock features with no fuss.

Marketing on Reddit 

Sarah shared her challenges in terms of PR that no matter how personalized she sends her emails, she has not gotten any responses at all. I responded that sometimes, it’s not really worth it and that she might want to refocus her efforts on Reddit instead. This is one platform that I am fascinated by and this is perfect of her app.

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