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Today’s guest went from managing user acquisition at MileIQ to building an AI powered growth engine that automatically creates new Facebook interest groups and Google keywords. You will discover the building blocks you need before you should advertise, what colors work the best in Facebook ads and how they drove 26% of new purchases for Petoton.

Colette Nataf is the CEO at Lightning AI.

Show Notes

What You Need Before You Should Advertise 

Five conversions a day should be your benchmark in determining if you are ready to run ads. This could be five people clicking on your home page or five people purchasing as long as you have enough signals like how Google or Facebook or those running their own AI systems. Use this information to create a buyer persona for your product.

The Colors Which Work the Best in Facebook Ads

People have a much lower signal from copy than from images. There are things which can always make your ads better in Facebook including placing something with high contrasting colors (black side by side bright yellow, for example) and something which points towards to call to action button. On Facebook, your call to action button should be down into the right – the opposite of what we normally have.

Driving New Purchases for Peloton 

Peloton has products which are built on virality and their target audience are those who are in Facebook. These two things have been instrumental in their growth. They came to Lightning AI originally for bidding and they were able to make improvements almost right away. They were able to figure out who was in their target audience by using audience insights in Facebook. They built a target persona by figuring out their profiles and things they are interested in and feeding this in their system. It was one of

Show Mention

Peloton Case Study
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