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Today’s guest is the Co-Founder and CEO of Listory, the world’s first content refinery. He shares why creating a manifesto helps you build the right product features, why focusing on your top of the funnel will have greater returns, and why you have to give users a specific reason for downloading your app.

Yaniv Gilad is the Co-founder & CEO of Listory, the world’s first content refinery.


03:53 – A strategy to help you go from 10% to 40%+ retention rate.

06:16 – How to figure out how many people you need to run tests.

07:34 – Creating a manifesto, what content should be in it and how to publish it.

09:50 – Managing experiments to achieve good results.

18:53 – Push email notifications and why it didn’t work for Yaniv.

24:58 – What to do if results of your tests are inconclusive.

35:43 – Purposeful items you should be putting in your manifesto and what not to place in.

Show Mentions

Listory Manifesto
Basecamp Manifesto
Traction Book
– Fav app: Day One


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