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Loadown – David Renard


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About the Episode

Did you know that changing your app’s price can dramatically increase downloads and sales? Well today’s guest built a platform that allows you to easily and automatically change the price of your app and in-app purchases. Also, listen to the 5 key drivers that motivate users to download your app.

David Renard is the CEO & Co-Founder at The Loadown.

Show Notes

Increasing Downloads and Sales Through Price Changes

In the app market, tomorrow may be too late to react. When ranking is the be all and end all of the lifespan of an app, the end of the month meeting to review sales will not work anymore. David created Loadown to do away with monthly and even weekly meetings. It delivers data and data analysis on a daily basis. Study by Loadown developers shows that apps with more price changes were ranked significantly longer and higher than apps that had lesser price changes.

Loadown  is the platform David created to help developers capitalize on market shifts and maximize their return on investment real time. It is an easy and seamless way of reacting to trends that allows a developer to change the price of the app and in-app quickly. It is real time management of marketing. The app makes the data available on a daily basis and has the features users need to meet specific uses. For example, a developer can use Loadown to do simple price optimization. It can also be used for more complex data analysis such as a comparison of competitors’ prices. It finds the right price for the app and the right price for the in app.

Five Key Drivers that Motivate Users to Download an App
When a user is in front of the app and faced with a choice of to download or not to download, the key drivers for this decision have been isolated by David to the following: title and the description of the app, what the icon and images say, price, quality and quantity of the reviews and, quality and quantity of the downloads.

Show Mentions

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    Is this service still around? seems not to exist or be down, and the other sites mentioned on LinkedIn are also down or not updated in years.

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