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Today’s guest is Qais Haddad, an ASO and user acquisition specialist at Tamatem Games. You will discover why you are missing out on a huge opportunity if you are NOT localizing in Arabic. He shares how you can get started with localizing in Arabic, how to avoid the sensitive subjects for Arabic users, and ASO mistakes when targeting the MENA region.

Qais Haddad is an ASO & User Acquisition Specialist at Tamatem Games.


02:22 – Growth metrics on pre-localizing for the Arabic speaking countries.

09:47 – Making a game relevant to the Arab culture by localizing text, enhancing voice overs and changing characters of the gameplay.

12:47 – Tools that can help you get started on localizing games or apps in Arabic.

15:32 – How to check data and the countries of your market before you start localizing for other languages.

20:42 – Mistakes to avoid in localizing an app.

26:31 – The longest lesson which took him the longest to learn: entering a new market.

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