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Love Fun Apps - Judy Wong Dobberpuhl

Love Fun Apps – Judy Wong Dobberpuhl


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Make your very own Candy Crush game with this awesome reskinning course (includes source code).

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About the Episode

Are you looking for a way to increase exposure your apps? Well listen to how today’s guest uses Pinterest to increase SEO for her apps. Also, we talk about building an app business that supports your lifestyle not the other way around.

Judy Wong Dobberpuhl is the CEO and Founder of Love Fun Apps

About Love Fun Apps

Love Fun Apps is an independent team of professionals that are dedicated in creating and producing great quality, fun and functional mobile apps that you love!

About Grand Gems Calculator

Gorgeous FREE Customizable calculator & includes FREE tip calculator! Features unparalleled customisation options, choose from 1,000’s of SKIN/GEM/SFX and particle combinations! Review, annotate & email or print your calculations to friends, class mates or colleagues! Perfect for kids and adults alike!

  • Quick loading, easy to use, with intuitive functions
  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, Square Root, Percentage Key, Backspace Button, Place Values Up To Billions
  • Free Sliding Scale Tip Calculator
  • Pleasant Tones Repeat With On/Off Feature
  • Gorgeous Gems & Stylish Background Skins
  • In-App Purchase Features Include:
  • Tape Feature For Calculation History
  • Notes – The Ability To Label Entries
  • Copy & Paste Tape
  • Print Tape (With AirPort Print)
  • Email Tape To Yourself, Friends Or Customers

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