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Today’s guest talks about the number one reason why apps fail – engagement. He talks about using personalization and app tutorials to make sure your downloads turn into engaged, raving fans. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a growth hack that led him to working with big companies like KFC.

Vas Diachenko is the Founder & CEO at LoyaltyPlant.

Show Notes

Personalize to Engage

Engagement is the trickiest thing and there is an engagement crisis right now in the mobile space. Customers will download the app but the question is, will they keep the app in their phones? The iPhone screen is a real estate and a lot of apps are fighting for that space. The reason why apps fail in terms of engagement is that they are not following the simple rules of engagement and gamification which work in the industry. Study the direction where apps like Starbucks or Uber are moving and you will see that they will have updates when they switch contents. Before, they have fixed interface but now, they have personalized ones which are dynamic and which changes according to their offers. Always provide something personalized, new and relevant for the customer – do not offer a mouth-watering steak to a vegetarian.

A Business Model to Get Big Brands

In coming up with LoyaltyPlant’s business model, they experimented with different approaches – they started with mobile apps with discounts and geo-location coupons and played with different business models – and got feedback from restaurant owners. After they have validated their business model, it was pretty easy for them to decide that they have built the right building blocks. They got the right KPIs and understood that it was the perfect match and solution. It was pretty easy to grow from their as they have showed their customer the actual results that they needed to see – this worked not just to get the smaller brands but the big names as well.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Balance Grille: (iTunes | Google Play)

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