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Lucky Kat Studios - Herdjie Zhou

Lucky Kat Studios – Herdjie Zhou


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About the Episode

Are you looking to work with some influencers in your space? Well today’s guest lined up relationships with the biggest internet cat celebrities and he shares his approach along with the partnership agreement. Also, listen to his mindset about not failing and how that has led to 2M downloads including a feature by Apple.

Herdjie Zhou is Co-Founder & Producer at Lucky Kat.

Show Notes

Innovative Application of the Concept of Influencers

Herdjie and his brother created an app with celebrity cats as the main characters. The word “celebrity” alone already means these cats have followers of their own. They are influencers because these cats have some 60 million likes on Facebook. What Herdjie did was to create a partnership with the owners, a type of co-promotion of these celebrity cats, and for every celebrity cat chosen by the user, there is a corresponding percentage for the owners’ favorite cause.  On the strength of these celebrity cats alone, these “influencers,” Herdjie was able to get 2 million downloads.

Using the Diversified Strategy to Maximize the Number of Downloads

Herdjie got his younger brother in app developing. A few apps after that and his brother was not going anywhere with app development so Herdjie decided to make sure that they were going to approach marketing in a totally different manner. He adapted a diversified strategy for Lucky Kat. Here is how he did it:

  1. Uploaded the game to the AppStore hoping to get featured.
  2. Worked with other Indie kickstarters who had a lot of followers.

It is important to build one’s relationship with other Kickstarters. Herdjie had an established relationship with most of them and for those that he had none, he simply emailed them, requesting these influencers to help with the launch, press and social talk about Lucky Kat. These influential Kickstarters were happy to help and because of the very healthy “help each other” attitude that the whole community shares. Herdjie also does everyone a good turn by putting up a link of their own app in Lucky Kat. It is a give and take that works for everyone.

Show Mentions

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