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Coming up is a coaching call with a developer of Google launcher themes. You will discover what really impacts keyword rankings on Google Play, how many times you should repeat a keyword in the long description and finally how to create a developer account that helps all your apps get higher rankings.

Show Notes

What Impacts Keyword Rankings on Google Play

When you are using Mobile Action, take note that the higher the scores are, the better the performance of the key words which you will be using. Focus on 30 and above as 20 is just decent and 10 won’t do anything for you.

For ‘chance’, the higher the score is, the higher it is for you to rank. 70% is my bar for this but note thatif a keyword is highly relevant, even if the score is 35, I would still go for it. Go aggressive despite of the data and see what happens.

Keyword in the Descriptions

I would recommend using your keyword of choice twice in your app name. For example, if you are aiming for the word ‘reggae’, you can name your app Reggae Head –Reggae Launcher.

I also like to start off with the keywords which I am going after, from the left. So in both descriptions, lead or start off with those words and have it in bold. The long description doesn’t matter as much as the app name and the short description. But generally, when I put words into the description, I would choose those which have low competition and a high chance score.


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