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MailTime - Corey Breier

MailTime – Corey Breier


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About the Episode

Today’s guest interviewed 50 amazing entrepreneurs including Tim Ferris, Andrew Warner, John Lee Dumas to discover how they structure their days. You will hear about their habits and routines. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares his hustle tactics including how he got Tim Ferris in his book, how to unconference, and how to network remarkably.

Corey Breier is VP of Marketing at MailTime.

Show Notes

How Corey  Got Tim Ferris in his Bbook

In getting Tim in his book, he simply got an introduction from Tim’s former events director and submitted the tentative profile over for Tim’s review. It was just a Google document with all of Corey’s questions and answers, without editing Tim’s word. Tim then gave permission to use the content with some comments in it, and he was on his way to having it in his book.

How to Unconference

If you don’t know what unconferencing is, it is a movement wherein you go to a conference but you just hang out outside the building. Corey did this for a conference a year ago because the tickets were sold out but he really wanted to go so he just showed up and hang outside the building. He was able to meet a lot of people during breaks and thinks that he had meet more valuable people there than in the conference that he was a legitimate attendee in. Just know where you need to be, put yourself there and just make it work….that’s Corey’s great hustle tip.

How to Network Remarkably

A lot of ability to get things done relies on who you know. In terms on networking, below are the tips Corey shares:

  1. Dress Remarkably–Conversation invitation. Give someone a reason to talk to you. Find a way to be different enough as to be remarkable, without looking ridiculous or overbearing.
  2. Don’t Use Business Cards – if you want to connect, you will send them an email right then and there or add them on Linkedin right there on your mobile.
  3. Present YourselfStrategically – Look for groups of people with odd numbers so that you can easily slide yourself into the conversation without drawing them away from each other.
  4. Ask Thoughtful Questions – Start with open ended casual questions like ‘What do you want to take away from this event?’, ‘So, what’s your story?’, ‘How can I help you?’, or ‘What are you passionate about?’
  5. Take it easy!– It’s just talking with friends you haven’t met yet!

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