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Coming up today’s guest is Scott Silver, Partnerships Manager at Mammoth Media, creators of highly popular apps such as Yarn and Wishbone. You will discover how to incorporate influencers in your app, how to build relationships with senior executives and his approach to working with some major brands like Skype and Starbucks.

Scott Silver is the Partnerships Manager at Mammoth Media.

Show Notes

Incorporating Influencers in Your App

Mammoth Media makes significant investments in user acquisition marketing. They work on this in house and does not hand this over to an outside agency. They work closely with their analytics team to get a strong pulse on how things are going from Day 1 on boarding to long term retention. They are always testing and doing interesting works across all channels and one thing that they have tried out with one of their stories, Hack’d, is to partner with an influencer on Instagram. She was featured as one of the actress in the content and they stitched a story so interesting that it helped drive buzz on social media as the virality was tremendous and helped with engagement with Yarn as well.

Building Relationships with Senior Executives

One of the things that Scott had seen at both Google and Twitter was that they invest in their people in a remarkable way. When he was with the former, he had weekly one on ones with his managers where he learned what managing up meant as a concept and putting that into practice; and curbing the courage to ask questions and seek out chats with senior leaderships.When he got to Twitter, he felt so well-versed on how big tech companies operate that he was able to make an impact and show how he was going to build his brand inside the company. It’s all about experience, repetition and getting people to have a good impression of you early on. Do your homework and know these executives’ background and understand what makes them tick. Have a certain presence about yourself which will make them take you seriously

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