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Today’s guest is a user acquisition specialist for Facebook and Instagram and he shares his best tips for running ads on those platforms. You will discover how to research your users, what makes a highly engaging ad creative and a simple hack to increase engagement.

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Manol  Georgiev is the User Acquisition Specialist for Facebook and Instagram.

Show Notes

Tips in Running Ads

If it’s a brand new product that you do not have any data on yet, haven’t ran any Facebook process and can’t rely on any historical data, start with a very light spend. Set up different campaigns and different creatives and ensure that you research what your niche really needs and what they react on. A lot of people underestimate this step thereby this skip this and fail to do their homework but know that if you really understand your niche, it will help you a lot on your targeting because the king on Facebook is targeting. Once your first ads are running, do creative testing like running different ads and looking at which one performed best. Shut down everything which is not performing or the ones which are not giving you the CPIs that you need. Keep testing and keep creating winning concepts.

How to Research Users

Manol has a cheat sheet which includes passionate categories to be researched on but basically, the top and first thing he does is to research the competitors. He would go to iTunes, make a list of all the competitive apps that are there, find those in Facebook and start targeting from there. There are community pages in Facebook where people shares tips, etc. and these have millions of members that you can target as they are already qualified since they are already using an app or a game like yours.

Show Mention

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