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If you are a startup looking for some amazing sales and marketing tips, then this is the episode for you. You’re about to discover how today’s guest used Instagram locations to find college ambassadors, a Twitter growth hack to get more exposure for a tweet and how to use reddit to grow your business.

Stefanie Amini is the Co-Founder of Gossip Media, a marketing agency for growth for startups.

Show Notes

The Marketing Strategy that Works Today

Stefanie combined online tactics with offline efforts and this approach proved to be effective as people are online as much as they are offline.

Stefanie and her team find ways to do both. They work with social media influencers to promote their brand online and sponsor meet-ups and visits campuses and universities to connect to the people in the real world. It’s human nature for us to long for interactions not available on social media..

They have an app that caters to students looking for jobs that shows their skills and other online campaigns so they let the students promote their app on campuses or schools. They also offer extra gifts and bonuses to those who get the app and share it with their five friends or more. This technique works well for them.

The Best Platform to Implement Growth Strategies

You can use as many platforms as you want when implementing your growth strategies considering that there’s so much noise going on in the internet. You can use Reddit, Quora and Twitter.

Twitter is still a good platform because there’s so much engagement there. You can speak directly to potential audiences or jump on the bandwagon of other brands and join in their engagement.

If you want to use Twitter, check out your competitors who they are engaging with and who they’re following and follow them, too. This is a good way to follow some key people.

Also, check the hashtags to see what they are talking about. Then use those hashtags or handle and engage with specific people. This will help you increase awareness about your app.

Show Mention

– Fav app: easyjet: (iTunes | Google Play)


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