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Coming up is a coaching call with a 19-year-old founder of an idea sharing app. You will discover how to find the smallest viable market, what kind of keywords you should target and out of the box advertising channels.

Joey Prather is the Co-Founder at ThinQbator.

Show Notes

How to Find Your Product Market

It’s important to determine your product market first. You can do this by knowing your core audience. For instance, if you are working on a platform like Hacker News then your target audience will be programmers and IT entrepreneurs.

Next, consider this question: is your app going to be popular in another country? If you are in the U.S. and your app has the potential to be as popular in another country then you can localize. Otherwise, your app should primarily be using English.

You should not worry too much about localization because if you bring the right people you will eventually grow as your app grows. Facebook, Reddit and Airbnb started small. It’s best if you localize within the country first.

The Keywords to Target

You have to determine specific keywords that you can use for the app title that will allow you to rank better for anyone searching for an app similar to yours. For this, you can also use your demographics.

For example, if the people in your demographic usually search for Stack Overflow or Reddit then you can target these keywords in the keyword field. In general, use terms that your core audience is searching for.

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