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Today’s guest is Joel A Barnes who is the founder of MasterKey Games. You will discover how a small change on Google Play completely helped grow downloads, how to monetize on Google Play and why setting a production goal is so important.

Joel A Barnes is the Co-Founder at MasterKey Games & Executive Communication Coach at MasterKey English.

Show Notes

A Change Which Completely Helped Grow Downloads

A big setback or what he calls the ‘big bummer’ for Joel and their app, Sentence Master happened when they first launched way back July 2016. The first 5-7 months did not garner any response and the growth was flat. They then decided to implement some changes and do some ASO in Google Play. Instead of calling the game Sentence Master, they named it as Learn English – Sentence Master. In March 2017, it started to grow to hundreds to thousands of downloads. The impact was so tremendous and it was all just because of ASO. It rekindled their fire, got them motivated, got down to business and made 5 more apps.

Monetizing on Google Play

From a monetization standpoint in Google Play, rewarded video ads indeed work for casual games but in our case, its static interstitials and short video ads which does the job. It has been going really well and they have lots of people contacting them to do direct ads. Both revenue and KPIs have been doing well. They have started with high with their pricing to test the market and they will be experimenting localizing the market and countries in the months to come.

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