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Coming up is a coaching call with a past client who is doing phenomenally well. You will discover how to cross promote your apps and make more money, how to properly name your app for growth and different growth channels for your app.

Joel Barnes is the Co-Founder at MasterKey Games.

Show Notes

Cross Promoting Apps and Affiliate Links

Once you decide what type of app you will be making, look at the data so you can make that as your preference in coming up with your app name. For cross promotions, try employing these tips:

  • Pop up ads will work if you already have an app with an audience as they are more likely to check out your next product.
  • Link your other apps within your apps by placing it in one of the tabs, for example, or when they buy an app, incorporate a native ad letting them know about your other products.
  • Incorporate a link in your apps as you will get commissions if the person buys anything else using your affiliate link. You made money through your apps and also from the Apple affiliate program.

Different growth channels for your app

Joel shares that they are killing it on Android but wanted to explore more in iOS. I mentioned that if they are converting well, they have a loyal audience but this audience may just be predominantly on Android. iOS is mostly used in Western markets so that people in this platform may no longer have a lot of need to study English, so he should not worry too much. I did mention that he might want to take a look at other ways to expand such as Facebook ads so he can target people who are looking for his certain app – Japanese who are Apple users, for example.

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