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Coming up is a coaching call with the creator of an app that is a Tinder for dog owners. You will discover how to approach ASO when your users may not be searching for an app like yours.

Juan Pablo Coppel is the founder of MatchDog.

Show Notes

How to Use ASO to Display Your App When Users Are Not Searching For App Like Yours   

Look for other apps similar to yours. Examine the keywords they use because this is a good start for your rankings. For example, “dog walking” is a good keyword because it has traffic and difficulty-wise, is not that competitive.

Also, look at dog breeds. These have decent traffic and are not very competitive. You can add these in your keyword.

In this coaching call, the name of the app is Match Dog so the suggestion was to add more keywords to it like “match chats.” In addition, use friendlier keywords in the subtitle.

What to Focus on Other than ASO

For this app, I suggest that aside from ASO, the developer should also focus on how many matches are happening in the app and how many people are engaging because the app has an engine.

It’s better to focus on something that’s already working from an acquisition side. Don’t do too much because eventually, you will figure out what you can do on the organic side or hire an expert like me to help you with the ASO side.

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Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.

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