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Today’s guest is JC Catalin launched an app called MeetPro that works as a search engine for all kinds of services and jobs. It also helps professionals and clients set up a meeting. Professionals can post about the services they offer, while those who are looking for a job can post their skills. MeetPro is more than a scheduling app. Coming up is Catalin sharing his struggles as to how he should proceed with his app just a few weeks after its release.

Show Notes

How to Proceed Next After Releasing Your App

After carrying out an app idea some developers realize that there are several directions to choose from as to how they would proceed with their app. For example, MeetPro was designed as a search engine where individuals can post jobs and find one. But they also want to help small and medium businesses make and cancel schedules with them.

Choosing what to do with your app next after releasing it, can be a bit tricky. So, here’s what you can do if you find yourself in the same predicament. Work with the business owners and check out their reactions. You can make a decision depending on their reactions.

Allowing clients to cancel appointments if they couldn’t make it will make things easier for the business owner and customer. For example, if the customer couldn’t make it into the barbershop and cancel the appointment, other customers can use the same schedule and the barber will still make money.

Offer Something New and Helpful to Your Users

There are already a lot of scheduling apps in the market, so offering another one may not excite a number of the users who have been using the existing apps already. But the cancelation feature is new and very helpful. Professional lose tons of money from customers who don’t cancel their schedule but don’t show up.

For this type of app, it’s best if you look for five other categories or services like a beauty salon, fitness center and a masseuse that deal with scheduling and cancellations due to regular visits. The app will surely be beneficial to them and their customers.

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