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Aurora Berg is the co-founder of Megacool

What’s the Prerequisite for Growthfm

A number of developers immediately market their app without understanding how to keep their customers. For Aurora, it is important that you understand the first time user experience. You need to have a grasp what the app is about from the first time you open it. If it’s a game app, you have to understand what it is all about. Commit some time to it and invest in it.

Aurora noticed that there are games where users bombard the developers with questions about the lengthy tutorials. Meanwhile, there are also users who experience and enjoy the game. So, it’s critical that you do a lot of testing. Determine what the users need to know early on and what are those that can wait later into the on-boarding experience.

Why is Testing Critical for Growth?

It is important that you take control of what’s happening in your app especially after you launch it. Even Aurora and her team test their app and find something that needs to be fixed. According to her, the worse was Super Mario Run where players were stuck in the screen for six minutes to answer demographic questions which could have been known earlier on. So, she suggests that you test your app with its key demographic.

To get a sense of what sticks into the app, let your grandma or a toddler test it. Give your device to them and see what they click on the screen because more likely that’s what will stand out to the majority of the players, too.

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