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We have four time guest, Aurora Berg, Co-Founder at Megacool. You will discover how to get more shares for your app, the opportunity for shares to happen on Instagram and Snapchat stories and how to use a rewarded referral system.

Aurora Klaeboe Berg is the Co-Founder & COO at Megacool.

Show Notes

What is Mega Cool?

Mega Cool is like a Snapchat for the mobile games. It allows players to share short snippets of gameplay with their friends by recording the gameplay in the background so players need not start and stop the recording while playing.

The app notifies the players if they want to record the missing part of the game and allows them to share it to whatever channel they want — whether it be on social media or messaging app. Mega Cool ties this with its own deep linking technology to bridge the gap between what’s going on in the game and what’s happening on the different channels that the players acted on.

What Type of Gameplay Content Should Be Shared To Increase Downloads?

According to Aurora, you can share anything that is engaging. The content should trigger curiosity among the recipients so ideally, she recommends funny or shocking contents. She also added that things which are easy to understand can get players to act on it.

There’s value in sharing slow-paced games like word games or chess because these are brain teasers.  Recipients will likely want it, especially if they know about the game. For this, Mega Cool uses time-lapse with the elements of the actual gameplay experience and rewards that players should unlock.

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