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Today’s guest built an AI-powered meditation app with some of the biggest influencers in the mindfulness space. You will discover how he partnered with these influencers, strategies to get closer to your customers and lastly a downloads breakdown through all the various marketing channels.

Derik Lawlis is the founder at Mindbliss.

Show Notes

Partnering with Influencers

They have amazing authors in Mindbliss that they co-create with. They work with them to study consumption patterns and ratings, and build better content. Initially, Derik knew a few people in this people including the ones that he had gone to retreats with so he started recruiting them. After this, he recruited their friends until he reached more and more popular authors. At first, he makes sure that he has a good relationship with the core person then he would get him or her to introduce him to someone they know that might get value out of the relationship as well.

Getting Closer to your Customers

Derik is really passionate about giving real service to people, how he can be of service to anyone and the only way he believes he can do that is to have compassion and to know what our pain points are. He was able to do this by having conversations with the author which ended up with him helping them distribute their content via digital marketing. From a client perspective, Derik is an avid consumer of these content and they had an FB group chat where they share content thereby he had a good feeling of what content would be exciting for a bigger audience.

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Fav app: Moon: (iTunes | Google Play)

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