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Mindmory - Louis Tsai

Mindmory – Louis Tsai


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About the Episode

Coming up is a special episode of a Clarity call where I workshop a pitch email with an AppMasters fan. Thanks Louis for letting me record and publish this episode. Check out his app, Mindmory in the App Store.

Louis Tsai is the creator of Mindmory.

Show Notes

Tips in Pitching Emails 

  • When pitching an email directly, just call out the journalist’s name directly. Example, “Exclusive to Thorn…”
  • Include the key differentiator of your app and borrow data and references from other resources to build your credibility.
  • Find influencers and their contact details through followerwonk.com. Cold email them and try out different subject lines to test which ones will get them to read your mail. Once you see which ones get the most impact, you can use that subject line when emailing your target recipients.
  • Email reporters on the days which are most optimal to them such as Thursday or Fridays.
  • Break your email down in bullet points instead of using long paragraphs.
  • When adding a video in your email, route the link to YouTube.
  • Use subject lines which are engaging and can get your recipient hooked in seconds.
  • When using post scripts (P.S.), place it above your website and signature for them not to miss it because people tend to automatically discard things after that line.
  • If there are social proofs you can include, especially from influencers, borrow that.

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