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Mitoo - Andrew Crump

Mitoo – Andrew Crump


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About the Episode

Today’s guest grew his product in the UK to close to 2 million users before bringing it to the US and he shares the key differences in marketing to both countries. Also, listen to his advice about how to f up less and learn from others before you.

Andrew Crump is CEO and Co-Founder of

Show Notes

Key Differences in Marketing between the UK and the US

In the UK, marketing is usually conducted one on one. For example, Andrew sells directly to sports leagues. This is done mostly through emails. In market attitude, there is some negativity towards ambition – must be a British thing.

The US is a unified English speakingmarket. That means in the US, it makes sense to use all marketing channels, including the latest web and social media channels, to communicate with targeted users.The strategy to ensure that target users get consistent messages about a company or a brand in every medium is a lot easier to carry out.

Language-wise, although both countries speak English, Andrew Crump advises to choose content carefully because there are nuances to the language that may be overlooked. For example, in the UK, it is schedule while in the US it is fixture.

App specific to Andrew Crump are the nuances of the infrastructure of organized leagues. In the UK, it is rare that a league would manage the teams while this is common in the US. Thus marketing strategies have to be adapted accordingly. 

Advantages of Learning from Someone Else’s Experience

A key lesson in business is to have a reverse vested founder agreement which is basically a legal agreement on how much company shares a co-founding member will take with him when he leaves. Usually this is tied up with the number of years he actually spent with the company.  This is important because it really can affect the company’s future.

Learn from the experiences of other people. You may know your situation better than others but there is always something you can learn from others. For example, there may be a lot of cheaper options out there, but look at the ones who had gone that way and see how they fared.

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