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Are you trying to figure out which analytics tool to use? Well, I’ve got Ben Jeger a Managing Director at AppsFlyer to talk all about app analytics. You will discover how to jumpstart your marketing campaigns, how to find the best converting keywords for your Apple Search ads and how to balance long-term growth with short-term revenues.

Ben Jeger is the Managing Director DACH & Nordics at AppsFlyer.

Show Notes

What Analytic Tools Should You Use?

Choosing the best one can be confusing and difficult because there are tons of tools in the market. However, I recommend that you choose a tool that will help you understand and make sense of the return on investment that you put into your marketing campaigns.

Tools like AppsFlyer will surely be helpful to you because it allows you to understand what a specific campaign costs and what the return on this investment is. For instance, the cost for an email marketing campaign may be zero if you already have an email database and the return might be greater than zero.

They can also help you figure out what’s the best campaign that drives the best retention rates for your app. They also offer a more granular report if you are running multiple campaigns so you can invest more in those that work and stop those that aren’t working for you.

How to Jumpstart Your Marketing Campaign?

If you are a beginner and have a little bit of budget for marketing, don’t immediately spend it without understanding the effect of the budget that is being spent. Instead, start on a small scale and work your way up. Don’t splash everything in the first month.

You can start with a Facebook campaign as this is very good and a safe way to get going in the marketing field. Starting small is very helpful if you have a limited budget and want to spread your money because marketing is a continuous learning process and you may need to make changes along the way.

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