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You are going to hear from an entrepreneur who felt like he could NOT rise through the ranks of the corporate world so he decided to go out on his own. You will discover how he got his first client, sales tip for developers and how to build a brilliant product roadmap so you don’t waste a fortune on building the wrong product.

David Jitendranath is the Director and Advisory Software Engineer at MOBILE-DI.

Show Notes

SalesTip for Developers

David shares that if he could’ve done things differently, he would’ve used sales CRM products to track metrics to see the best results in his sales cycle. Certain things will appeal to your users and the quicker you learn who it is appealing to or striking a cord with, you will have better results. They did this in the later stage of their company and David feels that if they have done this on the first year, they could’ve grown quicker.

Building Product Roadmaps

Put your vision out there – Whether you have co-founders or multiple stakeholders, it’s always better to get everybody in the room and understand your shared vision. It’s a brainstorming session where you put up ideas in a whiteboard.You would typically do this in a 4-week timeframe and in a manner of a workshop.

Focus on strategy – the key here is understanding the customers so realize your vision with empathy towards your customers. Create this in an excel sheet or Trello but basically think about what is important in three sections: near term, midterm and long term. Track all your ideas as cards.

Show Mention

How to create a brilliant product roadmap

– Fav app: Workday: (iTunes | Google Play)


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