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Today’s guest has built partnerships with the Oprah Cruise Line and Ritz Carlton. You will discover how she’s built so many great partnerships, how she used “appbassadors” to grow her downloads and how you can describe your app in a catchy and memorable way.

Suze Yalof Schwartz is the CEO/ Founder of Unplug.

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Show Notes

How to Get Great Partnerships for Your App

You have to provide quality service with your clients because satisfied clients will help you grow your business. This is true to Suze’s app, Unplug, and their satisfaction with her service resulted to a number of successful referrals.

Suze has one client named Angela who fell in love with Unplug. Angela works at Google and brings Unplug to her office. Sometimes, Suze and her team go to Google and teach the entire staff about meditation.

You also have to pay attention to forming great partnerships. At this time, Unplug has presence in a bunch of law offices and has been featured on four different Oprah Magazine Share the Adventure cruises. It can also be found in rooms at the Ritz Carlton downtown LA.

How Unplug Uses Appbassadors to Grow Its Downloads

Using “appbassadors” or app ambassadors is another great way to promote your app, expose it to other potential users and grow your downloads in the process. Suze posted on Instagram that she’s looking for “appbassadors” and didn’t really explain what they would be doing. They received 200 applicants and approved those they deemed as good people regardless of the numbers of their followers.

The appbassadors were given a month of free access to the Unplug app. They were taught how to meditate by the top teachers around the world, given structure and helped to create a practice that was consistent, so they would want to meditate every day.

In return, the appbassadors were asked to share a photo of them when they were about to start their Unplug 30-day meditation challenge. They were also asked to write about the app with a photo on the last day of the challenge to see how it affected their life and job.

Although it seemed a lot of work, a number of the appbassaddors enjoyed it and they loved the app because it helped them commit to meditation.


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