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App Radar is changing how App Store Optimization is done. The tool helps developers get their apps and mobile games discovered in the app stores and manages your entire ASO workflow through one simple interface. Not only that, once your ASO is fixed, App Radar will also help you set up optimized Apple Search Ads to help you scale up your User Acquisition results.

Industry-leading companies like Kolibri Games, Tivola Games, NerByte & iTranslate rely on their platform and expertise to drive organic installs from app stores, to their apps and games.

To preview the tool, you can start a free trial here.


What’s up! In this video, we will talk about how to decide between growth and features. A lot of times, clients will come to me and ask if they should build a feature that will help them with retention and monetization or focus on driving growth. You will find the answer here.

Growth vs Features

Here’s my take, think about a stairwell where you have these steps going up. What you should do is to drive growth because you need that initial user base. Then, plateau for a bit where you build these features. After that, test your monetization and retention. Retention is very important for your success.

Go for growth then stop to test and build different features, then grow again and stop for more features — a cycle.

You have to get a little growth, get new users, test your new features with brand new users who don’t know anything about it and see if it helps with retention and monetization because these two things are key in driving and having a sustainable business.

Driving Growth with Limited Budget

One of the best ways I like to drive growth on a very limited budget is through a campaign that I’m rebranding to be free promotional campaign. I used to call this paid-to-free campaign but now I’m calling it the free promotional campaign. Check out our growth hacks here.


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