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MobileGroove - Peggy Anne Salz

MobileGroove – Peggy Anne Salz


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About the Episode

How do you use content marketing to build your app audience? Well today’s guest talks about the importance of content marketing in today’s app climate and how you can get started. Also, listen to her step-by-step process in crafting a compelling story for your app launch and how to turn that story into 5 other articles.

Peggy Anne Salz is Lead Analyst and Founder at MobileGroove; Nine-Time Author and B2B Content Marketing Strategist.

Show Notes

Importance of Content marketing in Today’sApp Climate

Peggy quoted that content marketing is all the marketing that’s left at this juncture.With this, you can’t just look at the hard results because they can only last for so long. But if you have a great story, that is equivalent to engagement, and studies show that people gravitate to companies that offer them an emotionally satisfying story.

Peggy encourages for developers to think of a story where they need the most help to start off. Most of the time, developers need to look at the bigger picture and talk about what their app does and what it enables as the story could already be right there. Sometimes it can be about the founder and the things they have gone through which can take your app to the next level.

The Process in Crafting a Compelling Story for Your App Launch

In coming up with a compelling story for your launch, immersion is the first step. This is the phase where Peggy immerses herself with all details about the app – what’s going on within the product, what kind of app it is, the kind of audience it covers, etc. The next step would be distribution. This is the outlet/s which you would use to communicate the app to your audience and to convert them. And lastly, activations.After you have told an amazing story, make it possible for other people to share it with you so they can share it to other as well.

Show Mentions

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