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Today’s guest is the Chairman and CEO at MobiTV which allows pay TV and on-demand TV providers to stream broadcast TV on mobile and streaming devices. You will discover tips on later life entrepreneurship, putting your ego in check and fund raising advice from someone who’s raised over $100M.

Charlie Nooney is Chairman and CEO at MobiTV, Inc.

Show Notes

Putting Your Ego in Check

Making an entrepreneurship leap is really jumping the cliff without a parachute. You need to realize that there are positive things, such as person the person who makes all the decisions, but it can be a real ego check. The success rate is not high, you need to work on having people to return your calls, doing all your PowerPoint presentations yourself, etc. It’s a whole different mindset and it comes down to doing the leap because of the right reasons because if you are doing it for your ego, you will be sorely disappointed.

Things You Need to Know When Raising Money

When you are out raising money, one of the things that you should have is clarity. If your presentations are not clear, you will not get people’s attention. Companies start with very smart people but sometimes, it ends that that you are too smart for your own good as you become confusing to people who have money. Clarity should also cover both business direction and the end goal. Just answer simple questions such as who, what, how and how much to guide you.

It is also important that you determine the amount that you want to raise as the temptation to raise more than you need may arise and that is not the right thing to do.

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