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Are you like me and new to the world of programmatic advertising? Well today’s guest is the Sr. Programmatic Demand Lead at MoPub by Twitter and she shares what is programmatic advertising, emerging ad formats and why native advertising is the one thing that you should be focusing on.

Kristy Barger is the Sr. Programmatic Demand Lead at MoPub by Twitter.

Show Notes

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising, in simple words, is automated buying. Advertisers will buy programmatically through partnering with a demand-side platform where they will plug-in to different exchanges which will send real-time bidding requests over and they will bind an option-based fine environment.

You have to provide creative assets for programmatic advertising just like any ads. Different exchanges support different ad formats. It can be as simple as one ad size where you will just upload tags or the DSP would create those assets for you. You can provide up to five different ad format assets.

Why Focus on Native Advertising?

Native ad formatting is a lot less expensive and one of the more effective ones, too. It is different from the traditional banner or display ads as it is native to each application. It shows up on the feeds and on each publisher. There’s a native preview tool that can help you look at how your ad would look like on different publisher side.

Pandora has used this and they can attest to its efficiency. Pandora adopted a native video on exchange and they were able to reach an incremental amount of 5 million users by doing so. It took a while for them to adopt a native video as this was not the traditional ad format they used in the past. However, after seeing the increment, they found value in it.

Show Mention

Pandora Case Study
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