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About the Episode

Today’s guest shares how he made his jump into becoming an indie developer during the worst possible time in his life and the key lessons along the way. He also shares how he taught himself how to code in Swift, the biggest mistake he made, surveying his current users and so much more.

Guido van Eijsden is Founder at MotoMappers and Pinguido.

Show Notes

Becoming an Indie Developer during the Worst Possible Time

For Guido, it was a combination of having an app idea and not liking his job anymore that made him take the leap into entrepreneurship. When an opportunity to leave his company surfaced, he decided to pursue his plans but felt the timing was off as his wife was pregnant with twins at that time and, four months after he started his own company, his wife got a project in Mexico. They were busy with the move from Amsterdam to Mexico and with the twins so getting the company off the ground encountered delays. Today, he had successfully launched apps and shares that if he could do it all over again, he would definitely spend time on research. He also learned to develop his pricing strategy and had implemented this in his second app.

Coding and Go-to Resources

It took Guido some time to figure out how to read format, extensions and other fields but in time, he was able to be good at coding at was able to achieve a certain level of comfortability in coding. Guido advises that if you want to code, start with an idea that you are enthusiastic about and Google the rest. You need to have affinity with coding or else, it will be really hard. His go-to resources include Stack Overflow and Ray Wenderlich tutorials.

Low Point: When MotoMapwent live, he saw revenue was not as he had expected so we got really disappointed. He didn’t do the coding and all but did shell out a chunk and up until now, he still has not made that money back.

Course: Coding in Swift.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Clear: (iTunes)

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