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MOVIEQU - Rakesh Nigam

MOVIEQU – Rakesh Nigam


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About the Episode

Today’s guest created MOVIEQU, the Shazam for movie trailers, and we talk about the simple tactics he used to land a meeting with a Fox executive through a cold phone call. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about the importance of personal branding and the little things you can do to change how others perceive you.

Rakesh Nigam is the founder of MOVIEQU.

Show Notes

Landing a Meeting with a Big Wig

One of Rakesh’s ultimate hussle, a.k.a. make-something-happen story, transpired in the summer of 2012 something just told him to go to LA to show people what he got. He Googled some names and went out to studios but the one he was trying to get to, a person in Fox, failed to respond. Due to frustration after three days of waiting, he Googled the name of the President of Distribution and explained to his assistant what they have in store. Surprisingly, she got back to Rakesh after 30 minutes to inform him that the meeting will proceed at 3:00pm that day.

When they turned up that day in that huge office, everyone thought that was just going to be a 10-minute meeting but they spent an hour with this team talking about their idea. After that, they exchanged business cards and had stayed in touch with Fox. Getting that validation from these people who are seasoned in the industry was a real boost.

One of the things that Rakesh believes worked was treating Laura, the receptionist, well and being direct to the point. They kept in touch with that Fix team for years by giving them regular updates, keeping them in the loop for developments and even just for simple hellos. As a result, they were recommended to other contacts and that became a great endorsement for them.

Personal Branding and Perception Management

Rakesh shares that when you meet people, your mind automatically categorizes them: whether they are great or what not. Thing is, other people does the same thing to you. You can affect what those people want to think about you by your behavior, actions, the way you speak, and the speed and frequency of how you interact with them. An example would be when Rakesh wanted to change his persona from being a Senior Technologist to being more of an entrepreneur.  He started to change the things he did, things he wrote about, things he talked about and even how he looked. When he changed his branding, it started to change his behavior, what he did and the way he thought about things.

Show Mentions

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