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When you think about ASO, most of the time, you think about just keywords and too many times, we forget about how to name your app. Rather than just coming up with random names, use data to dictate what app name you should choose.

For an app that I worked with, the first name the developers chose was Sentence Master – English Sentence Builder &Maker because at that time, you can use more characters and they wanted to leverage on this plus they really love this name. But upon researching, we found that Sentence Builder had decent search volume and low competition. Armed with this data, we renamed the app to Sentence Builder Master and it brought about a 50% increase in downloads. We also changed the icon for this app, by the way, which increased conversion by 50% in Google Play.

As an additional example, I bought a sleeping app and I wanted to optimize it so I just pulled a bunch of key words. From my research, I saw that ‘night owl’ had really good traffic so I decided to name the app as Midnight Owl. As of the moment, we rank number two for these keywords.

I wanted to name it as Sleep Sounds as well and saw that it has high traffic so I decided to add it in and name the app as Midnight Owl: Sleep Sounds. I didn’t do well for ‘sleep sounds’ in terms of ranking so I decided the rename it as Midnight Owl: Thunderstorm and I am now #41 for this (thunderstorm) keyword.

These are evidences that using data to determine what your app should be called pays off.



Lakshmi uma

Lakshmi Uma is Appmaster's Podcast and ASO executive. She loves exploring ancient sanctuaries, architecture, and landscapes.


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