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Today’s guest relies on ads to monetize his over 5M downloads and he shares the beginner’s guide to monetizing non-games with ads. You will discover why it’s generally better to get the user to pay upfront, which ad formats pay more and which networks you should go with.

Itamar Rogel is the Co-Founder at Newsfusion.

Show Notes

Should you monetize on ads?

Would you be happy to have a magical way of monetizing apps without ads? Probably, everyone would say yes as ads do not add value to your apps in general, but it’s a sad fact of life that you need to make a living somehow if you want to make stuff available for free. So as a first step, just pick one ad network that feels the most appropriate to whatever you are doing, integrate it and start checking the stats to see how it performs.

If you really have a good way to make an app where the users pay directly, you should generally go ahead with it. Ads are good monetization model so it’s a necessary evil but you have to make it work for your business. Some considerations if you will pursue ads: consider the format,consider that quality of users per geological location, the correlation of value and the ability to monetize.

Which ad formats pay more?

Most ads are standardized and the most familiar ones are banners and stitchels or splashes. The latter takes up the entire screen and is the best format as users respond to them.

Will native ads out perform banners?

It depends on the demand, how your users respond to it and your kind of app but that is often the case so test it and see if it will work for you.

Which networks you should go with?

It still depends on your audience but when you are starting, you will want to work with the biggest networks such as Facebook or Google. Later on, you can work with smaller ones to focus and optimize.



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