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Notabli - Jackson Latka

Notabli – Jackson Latka


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About the Episode

Today’s guest went through 7 developers before finally launching version 1 of his app and he talks about the one feature that led to increasing his app’s viral coefficient. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares his advice on the things you should be thinking about when brainstorming your next idea.

Jackson Latka at Head of Product at Parent Co.

Show Notes

A Feature WhichIncreased his App’s Viral Coefficient

Jackson shares that what they have done is to make is as easy as possible for people to share the app to the right people. They started with a direct invite system, this was the typical ‘enter your email address and we’ll send them a unique link to accept the invitation.’But recently, they swapped it out witha generic link that is to basically share a URL which is unique to you as an admin user. You can take this generic share URL and you can go in Facebook or wherever you are posting and say, “Hey, this is the link to our pictures in Notabli, we’d love for you tofollow along.”Once people choose to follow, this in now the time for you to filter who among those who clicked the link can be given access to follow the photos of your kids. It makes you share to a larger group of people but still maintain safety and security.

What You Should be Thinking when Brainstorming Your Next Idea

Brainstorming is the fun part to a lot of people but it is all about getting beyond this phase. It’s a great place to start but think about how you can move beyond this. Think about the one idea which is worth building and worth focusing your time on, think about the viability of the idea as a business, ask yourself how you can contribute, and think about how you can build a team around you which is made up of people whose skills complement each other so you can then build something great.  Once you have these, be really passionate and get other people excited and make it happen.

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