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Coming today’s guest is quickly becoming the Supercell of India generating 5M downloads in 100 days and $1M in revenue in less than 90 days. You will discover how he successfully transition from developing games for others to creating their own, how they use a data driven approach to product development and finally how one change in the user flow lead to a dramatic increase in user retention.

Amit Hardi is the CEO of Nukebox Studios.

Show Notes

From Developing Games for Others to Creating Their Own

They used to be the typical work-for-hire companies and they have done that for about 12 years. But they realized that if they want to put their mark in the gaming industry, one of them has to go all in on this and focus purely on producing their own. So they made that bold decision and took the giant leap of faith. They trusted their instincts and in the last 3 ½ years, they have done lots of experiments and produced about 13- 14 titles.

Using a Data-driven Approach in Product Development

They have ran different experiments in the soft launch process and they found that the progression was very lenient (you unlock on food truck at a time) and that the early funnel looked very weak in terms of the transition between the first and the second food truck. They thought of creating a non-linear system which gave users the ability to unlock food trucks and they starting measuring all of this. When they ran the test, they were surprised to see that in the linear system, they have about 50% drop off from the first to the second food truck; but the moment they made it non-linear, the drop off was almost non-existent. This is one way of using data to experiment and validate if your funnel is working or not, then use this to your own advantage.

Show Mention

– App: Food Truck Chef: (iTunes | Google Play)

– Fav app: Facebook: (iTunes | Google Play)

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