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Today’s guest is the President of Fyber. You’re about to discover the shift to programmatic advertising and how their new ad meditation platform allows you to make more money. We also talk about why you need to A/B test a ton of campaigns using ads and in-app purchases and finally how his previous company was acquired by Fyber.

Offer Yehudai is the President of Fyber.

Time Stamps

02:28 – Being acquired by Fyber and his takeaways from the merger.
06:36 – Things you need to know about Programmatic Advertising.
17:26 – Monetization tips for both indie developers and big studios.
20:00 – Milestones you need to reach during your soft launch.
21:44 – To find or not to find a publisher.
23:42 – Think long term and be savvy about it.
27:42 – Sacrifing immediate revenue for long term value.

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