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App Radar is changing how App Store Optimization is done. The tool helps developers get their apps and mobile games discovered in the app stores and manages your entire ASO workflow through one simple interface. Not only that, once your ASO is fixed, App Radar will also help you set up optimized Apple Search Ads to help you scale up your User Acquisition results.

Industry-leading companies like Kolibri Games, Tivola Games, NerByte & iTranslate rely on their platform and expertise to drive organic installs from app stores, to their apps and games.

To preview the tool, you can start a free trial here.


Coming up, we have the CEO of App Radar. You will discover why niching down is so important for growth, how App Radar will optimize your ASO workflow and how to optimize your Apple Search Ads. And one more thing, the ups and downs of running a SaaS company.

Thomas Kriebernegg is the CEO and Co-founder at App Radar.

Show Notes

Optimizing your ASO and Apple Search Ads

App Radar sees that when starting out, developers do not have too much money so they don’t usually use that budget on tools at the beginning. With the aim to support new developers and the community, they are releasing a free plan which will have everything you need to optimize your first apps so they can get it out there in the stores.

App Radar has recently integrated Apple Search Ads in their tool to get traffic at good rates in terms of ad spends. They are taking all the data that they have in their ASO tool and throwing it over to their patented AI, to develop their very own Apple Search Ads AI.

It involves a lot of testing but the results are looking good.

Running a SaaS company

In the beginning, AppRadar was more on the agency side but they decided to create their own SaS product. The challenges were obvious during the start of the switch because they were starting from scratch. They were getting initial traction and had some money but they also had to pour out time and effort in fully understanding their product and their target audience, find their niche, adapt to market challenges, think about monetization and scalability, etc.

One of the biggest learnings that Thomas had during this journey was identifying their core values (and everything which contributes to it) and strike out everything else outside of this. Work on whatever can be prepared and created on your end but those which are not attributing to this core value, outsource them over.

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