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What’s up! Today, I’ve got a snippet from our upcoming App Masters Virtual Summit which will start on April 15th. This is a 10-day online-only event where you’ll get to see some of my favorite friends who are independent app developers crushing in the app space.

You will get to watch all these interviews for free on the day it goes live, so register by going to

Without further ado, here’s Lewis Smith, an Independent iOS Developer from Lasmit TLB Ltd.

What’s the Funnel Process?

Sales funnel refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products or services. Here, the funnel’s top view is the widest part and down the bottom is the developer. The kind of stages that you go through the process include the “impression”  “download,” “first run,” and “general use/value.”

Basically, it starts with “impression” or getting your app in front of the people, then, having someone download the app, getting them run the app and go through the onboarding process, and getting them into actually using the app. You can then monetize it by either in-app purchase, subscription or ad.

These things feed into each other. It’s a very kind of virtuous cycle.

Where to Start Off With The Cycle?

You can start off with the first one, impression, which refers to those who have seen the app in the store or search result. Work out the ratio of each of these stages like 20% of people go from impression to download, then another 20% goes on from download to the first run and so on. See where you are losing people and focus on which is most important.

There are factors that affect each of these stages. For example, for “impression” App Store Search is 65% and is the main thing. The word of mouth is 15% while web search is 6%. Here you will see the different elements that come into play behind app development including ASO like what keywords to use and how changing titles can make a big difference.

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