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Orki - Danny Hughes

Orki – Danny Hughes


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About the Episode

Are you trying to get press for your app launch? Well today’s guest talks about how you can add novelty to make your story stand out to a reporter. Also, if you’re thinking about getting into app development then listen to the part of the show where he shares some tips that helped him get started.

Danny Hughes is the creator of Orki app.

Show Notes

Making your Story Stand Out to a Reporter

For Orki, Twitter is their virtual handshake and they have been relying on social media to connect with journalists and get to know them. To get a reporter’s attention, donot email them about nothing, instead, give them something. You would also want to have someone in authority who will engage with you in social media as it will make you look more legitimate. To tell a good story, give them novelty. Tell them how your the product differs from others or how the people behind the product made it stand out.

How to Get Started

There is no one answer that would fit all, says Danny. It’s all about what you are trying to accomplish. Your goal will define which tools you need to use or what platform you should be on.

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