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Today’s guest is the Senior Director of Product Management Enterprise for Outlook Mobile and he will share how they grew the Outlook app to over 100 million monthly active users. Pay attention to how the team talked to users in their homes and how that allowed them to strip out unnecessary features, why they focused on one-star reviews and how they changed the on-boarding process to improve user signups.

James Colgan currently serves as the Senior Director of Product Management Enterprise for Outlook Mobile.

Show Notes

How Outlook Rebrand from an Enterprise App to a Consumer-Based App?

Outlook is popular for being an enterprise app, but a lot of its users are consumers. The app was able to grow to having over 54 million active users in about six months and just last week they topped the 100 million monthly active users.

According to James, they built its user base by understanding the context of their users. They have empathy to their customers. The knew that their app is not something that people would use because their IT pros told them to use it. People use their app by choice.

Also, the other core piece of outlook is its calendar. The team knows that people may use the email feature less depending on the culture and demographics but everybody wants to organize their time. So, they focus on the email, calendar and understanding and empathizing with their users to build the user base they have today.

How Did They Come Up With Their Calendar Feature?

Outlook is a global enterprise and they have teams in San Francisco, Seattle, China, and India to name a few. According to him, they also have a strong input from Europe and North America where they sat down with users in their home and asked them how they communicate and interact with their colleagues.

They noticed the Post-its on the fridges and the paper calendars. So, they decided to feature email and calendar that interoperate to make the people more productive by helping them manage their time and by giving them a sense of control about their work and personal lives.

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