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Coming up, what to know the differences between a copyright and a trademark? Well, I’ve got Gary Nissenbaum to talk all about the legal side off the app business. You will discover how to protect yourself from copycats, how to overcome legal pitfalls and how to fight back against negative marketing campaigns.

Gary Nissenbaum, Esq. is the Managing Attorney & Founding Principal at Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC

Show Notes

The Two Keys to be Successful in Business

If you are starting a digital business, you should not forget the legal aspects because this is your way to protect yourself and your work. The keys to success in business are control and redundancy which involves the legal aspects including copyrights and trademarks that give you exclusive legal right to whatever you produce. Without this, you don’t have complete control over whatever you produce or publish.

You need to have complete control of your business from the person who delivers your mail, to your accountant and to your lawyer. At the same time, you need to have redundancy by triple checking everything.

Those who end up with legal issues lose control or break down their redundancy system. Keep these two factors in mind and get the right lawyer to do the right things for you and you will eventually be successful in your business venture.

How to Protect Yourself Against Negative Marketing Campaigns

In the app space, you can get negative marketing through reviews in the app store. Unfortunately, some of the one-star reviews might be from your competitor masquerading as a consumer to put you down.

If the negative review is from someone who just gave an opinion, no matter how ill-informed it was, you can’t do anything about it because he is protected by the First Amendment, as well as the state constitution and laws. However, if you can prove that the source of the negative review is a competitor who has a nefarious objective of destroying your brand and lift theirs, you can use the unfair competition laws.

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