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It’s difficult to make it as a paid app but it can still work. What you need to uncover are the categories where you can make it as a paid app, how much you can get away charging your app, and which categories are starting to pop up where you have the potential to excel.

I went to AppAnnie and looked at the top 500 apps to try to analyze some trends. I know it’s just a snapshot of one day but it gives you a feel of the categories and how much you should charge for.  Here’s what I have learned:


  • As of March 2018, 42% of those in the Top 500 were games. This was an eye-opener for me as I was surprised that this still works as a paid app.
  • A far second is Photo and Video taking up 10%.

Release Date:

  • Out of the 500, Food and Drink and Shopping top the list with 2015 as the year of release.
  • Productivity, Games, Social Networking, Photo and Video, and Education all listed next with 2014 release dates.

Price Points

  • All data and reports are available in Please check outJ

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