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Derk de Geus


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Today’s guest was an art school drop out turned indie game studio co-founder and he shares how he how he went from developing apps for others to working with the biggest game publishers in the world. Also, listen to his tips about finding his first clients, managing the publisher relationship and managing culture in a company.

Derk de Geus is the CEO and Co-Founder of Paladin Studios.

Show Notes

How Derk de Geus got started in the App Business

Derk de Geus is the co-founder of the Indie game studio, Paladin Studios. He quit art school to build a name in the app business, but the artist in him was strong and that’s why he went into game publishing, where he can both get into the app business and express his creativity. Which led to the creation of Momonga.

How He Gets Clients

Just like anyone starting out in the app business, it was a lot of hard work. His first clients were people who went to them for consulting and they eventually became their first clients.

Managing the Publisher Relationship

Although he wanted to dive into game developing for himself, he prioritized client work and would only have time to work on his personal projects whenever they had any extra time. This is one way he takes care of his publisher relationship with his clients, by prioritizing client projects.

Now, although they still have “clients”, Paladin Studios develops games for themselves and have partnered with other game developers and publishers to come up with more apps.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Derk de Geus dish out more valuable insights about managing the publisher relationship and managing culture in a company as well as what he says about the difference between how an Indie publisher and Big Game Studio publishes an app.

Show Mentions

– Momonga

– Fav app: Really Bad Chess ( iTunes )

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