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Pangia Games, Inc. - Nick Barbato

Pangia Games, Inc. – Nick Barbato


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About the Episode

Today’s guest stumbled upon having accessibility features in his apps and now has won numerous awards for being one of the best apps that are accessible to  the blind. And in this episode, you will discover how to add accessibility features to your app. Also, he talks about starting part-time in the app space to finally leaving his cubicle to tips about running a business when you are the boss.

Nick Barbato is Managing Partner / Co-Founder at Pangia Games, Inc.

Show Notes

How  to Add Accessibility Features to Your App

First step is to turn the voice over / talk back option on. This is under General >>Accessibility Settings. Then open your app, use it and see how the interaction works. After a while, you can try closing your eyes while going through your app so you know the effects of touching one button to another so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. You will also get to learn about timing issues, when you need to queue a voice over.

Leaving Your Cubicle and Running the Business

Nick and his business partner met through their wives and both being into software, they decided to ride the mobile app wave to make it out of their cubicles. He went out and bought a Mac, starting banging away like crazy and just put up their apps in the store to get their feet wet. They were still in their corporate jobs at this time, and this lasted for 2 years, but his wife was very supportive and all for it that he finally decided to go full time in his app business. Nick has a wife and two small kids so he knows that when he made the decision to leave the cubicle, people might have thought he was stupid. But he shares that if you know that you are good at what you are doing, this is the way to go.


Show Mentions

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