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Today’s guest has been featured on both Apple and Google Play with over 8 million downloads for their kids apps. You will discover how localizing their apps led to their growth, how he landed a Google Play feature and why he’s removing all the in-app purchases from their most popular apps.

Gonzalo Rodriguez is the CEO & Co-Founder at Papumba.

Show Notes

Landing a Google Play Feature

Googled had featured one on their apps as among the Top 15 globally in a certain collection and they started receiving streams of downloads after that. This was their first connection with Google and this was done without any triggers on their end. After that, they had a unique connection with Google when they attended an event in Argentina where Google wanted to see quality innovated apps. They showed their portfolio and they told them to stay connected. One thing that Gonzalo shares that paid off for them is being ready in showcasing what you have and nurturing the relationship by involving Google in their processes. They started sharing insights, feedback about their platform from a developer’s standpoint and they go to as many events that Google organizes.

The Value of Removing All In-app Purchases from Most Popular Apps

When you are building a subscription model, you always have to think about different acquisition channels. For Gonzalo, it pays to position this organically so they have leveraged on their top learning apps by making them 100% free in order to move users to this app. Once users fall in love with these apps, they are hoping that they will start paying for the new ones that they have developed as parents will be more than willing to pay for other apps once they see that the other ones you made are good.

Show Mention

– Fav app:

  • Preschool Academy from Papumba (coming soon)
  • Loopimal: (iTunes)
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